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Anthony Hughes


Anthony has been practicing various martial arts and reality based self defense systems for almost 20 years. “I tried Judo as a young child for a few months – I was 10 the day I walked into the Garrison Judo club. My dad was a serving soldier at the time, based in Germany, and he took me along. The instructor was a big burly soldier and a Brown Belt. I was quite nervous at first but soon got into it”. After leaving Germany, Anthony had a break from martial arts until the age of 15 – this time in Shotokan Karate. “I also trained in Kempo-Jujitsu and spent around 14 enjoyable years studying these hard hitting systems. I then wanted to look around at the different reality based systems and this was where I began training in the Israeli system of Krav Maga and Commando Krav Maga. I’ve attended many intensive instructor boot camps and progressed all the way up to Instructor Level 4 in the Commando Krav Maga system under Moni Aizik”.

So, from this, how did the K.S.C.K.M system come about? “The system was born nearly 4 years ago – I trained and certified as a F.A.S.T (Fear Adrenal Stress Training) Combatives Instructor under Bill Kipp and Dik Chance. The reality based systems such as F.A.S.T and Krav Maga were a real eye opener for me. The no nonsense, common sense approach and the realistic training methods just made a lot of sense to me. Take F.A.S.T for example – I have never trained in any other system that addresses how we as human beings really operate under the effects of adrenaline like this system does. F.A.S.T works for most people most of the time using only high percentage techniques and proven training methods. It also deals with the soft skills training such as awareness and assertiveness issues. I don’t see many other systems do this”.

When asked what typifies the K.S.C.K.M system, Anthony told us that “ours is a no nonsense hybrid reality based street defense system which incorporates modified techniques and training methods from previous systems we have trained in. We employ realistic training methods and drills centered around threats and attacks you are likely to encounter on the street. Our main focus is on teaching simple techniques that rely on gross motor skills that can easily be remembered and used under pressure. When you are suddenly attacked you don’t want to be desperately trying to remember some fancy intricate or complicated moves – they simply won’t work in a high stress situation when you are shocked, surprised or frightened! You want to be able to deal with the situation quickly and effectively and get away safely”.

Anyone following the K.S.C.K.M Facebook page will see how much energy is involved in his classes, and how much his students take from this. How does he keep that going? As well as teaching for six hours a week, and training for another 10, Anthony works out most days with weights for muscle strength and endurance. “I also enjoy fitness training outdoors where I like to do the usual body-weight exercises and some high intensity drills such as hill sprints etc. I really find that this type of training has helped and prepared me to complete some of the toughest training and grading sessions I’ve undertaken in the past and I feel it’s important to maintain a good level of fitness, both as an Instructor and as a student. At K.S.C.K.M we incorporate a lot of fitness drills in with the training. It’s amazing how some of our students have improved their fitness levels and seen leaner body shapes in a very short space of time training with us.”

Finally, we asked him what advice he’d give to potential students – “ask yourselves what it is you want from your training? Is it for competition or sport, or a traditional style that uses a belt ranking system, or is it purely for self defense? Knowing this in the first instance will help in deciding which clubs to visit to try out a class. Most good clubs will offer a free trial lesson and I would suggest taking advantage of this. Watching a class is a good idea but taking part will give you a good feel to the type of training on offer and whether or not it is suitable for you. Try as many clubs as possible and make a decision based on what feels right. Every new student that walks through our doors can be assured a very warm welcome and a no obligation to join free trial lesson”.

The club has around 30 students at the moment, with plans to expand in the future – if you would like to get involved, check out the K.S.C.K.M club listing or call to book a free trial class.

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